Dr Philip Phatudi and Dr Precious Phatudi are general ophthalmologists based in Sandton. The couple-run practice strives for excellence through comprehensive, technologically driven eye care with a primary focus on cataract and glaucoma surgery.



A cataract is a white film covering the eye's lens, preventing light from seeping through. Cataracts form when protein in the eye’s lens accumulates in a clump of white, dense matter, which prevents the transfer of light to the retina. Cataract surgery is a quick way of replacing the damaged eye lens with a healthy, synthetic one in an inpatient setting.



Glaucoma refers to a group of diseases that cause pressure to build around the optic nerve connecting the eye to the brain. If left untreated, the optic nerve gradually becomes damaged, leading to eventual blindness. Total vision loss can be prevented, however, by reducing the pressure on the optic nerve to avoid further damage.



Cataract Surgery

Cataract surgery is the resection and replacement of a cloudy eye lens due to protein build-up that affects eyesight. READ MORE

Glaucoma Treatment

Glaucoma affects a person’s ability to see properly due to optic nerve damage. Treatment for glaucoma involves reducing intraocular pressure through increased fluid drainage or creating a path to drain fluid and reduction in fluid production. READ MORE

Diabetic Retinopathy Screening & Treatment

High blood sugar from diabetes leads to damage to the retina, the posterior region of the eye. Treatment involves the use of a laser to reduce new blood vessels growing at the back of the eye, medications delivered by injection to treat maculopathy or the removal of scar tissue or blood from the eyes. READ MORE

Squint Surgery

Squint surgery to correct strabismus (squint) involves manipulating and repositioning the eyes’ muscles responsible for alignment. READ MORE

Pterygium Surgery

Pterygium surgery is the resection of the abnormal growth of conjunctiva tissue that spreads over the cornea. READ MORE

Dry Eye Disease Treatment

Treatment for dry eyes, which is a condition that occurs when there are insufficient tears to lubricate the eyes, includes medications to reduce cornea and eyelid inflammation and the partial or complete obstruction of tear ducts. READ MORE

Eye Allergy Treatment

Treatment for an eye allergy, an adverse reaction to a substance that makes contact with the eye, may include oral medications (antihistamines and a steroid like prednisone) and prescription eye drops. READ MORE

Dr Philip and Dr Precious Phatudi
are skilled ophthalmologists based in Sandton